Seeing the Gift

By Leo Babauta

There are a number of common blockers for creating powerful change in your life:

Each of these can derail your efforts to create something new. And to be clear, there is nothing wrong with any of these – they’re wonderfully human traits. But to create powerful change, we have to learn to work with them.

Today I’d like to introduce a magical tool that I call Seeing the Gift.

If you deploy Seeing the Gift, you can work with any of the above deterrents. Let’s take a look.

What’s ‘Seeing the Gift’?

In any activity, in any person, you can find a gift. Sometimes it’s obvious – the person in front of you is kind and generous, and you feel them very easily as a gift. When you are watching a sunset out in nature, you can feel the wonder and joy of the gift of that moment.

But other times it’s more challenging – the person in front of you is being annoying, or you’re going through illness or injury, or the project in front of you is boring and hard. In some situations, or with some people, we resist seeing the gift. We want to just complain. And that’s OK! Let yourself complain, and see the gift in expressing the frustration or despair in your heart. How can that emotion be a gift to you?

If you continue to sit with that emotion, you’ll relax a bit. Then you can look deeper. While the person in front of you is being frustrating, there is something they’re offering you. There is a gift in them, if you are willing to look. Are you willing?

If you’re taking on an overwhelming or boring project, it can be hard to see the gift – but if you sit with it for a little longer, you’ll find it in the silence. You’ll start to realize what this project has to teach you. It will start to change you.

The Gift is what it has to teach you, how it changes you, how it connects you to the divine, to yourself, to everything around you. The Gift is the sacredness of the moment and of you. The Gift is a profound realization of the wonder of life.

It’s always there, if we’re willing to look.

How to Use ‘Seeing the Gift’ for Powerful Change

Let’s take each of the “deterrents” to change that I mentioned above:

As you can see, Seeing the Gift can unlock powerful possibility. All it takes is a willingness to sit for a few moments, and a willingness to see.

May the Gift unlock new possibility in your life.