The Essential Zen Habits of 2018

By Leo Babauta

As 2018 comes to a close, I have to say … it’s been a year of depth but also chaos and blessings for me and Zen Habits.

I’m grateful for the wonderful readers I have had for more than a decade now (all of you!), and for the journey I’ve been on and will continue in the coming year.

Personally, a lot has been going on for me … here are some of the headlines from this year:

A lot of other things happened as well – my 19-year-old daughter Maia moved to Japan, my oldest daughter got a new job with Guampedia, my grandmother has been in the hospital for a couple weeks (she’ll live, but she’s in a lot of pain), I’ve been taking yoga classes taught by my beautiful sister Kat, and more.

The Best Zen Habits Posts in 2018

To wrap up this year, here are my favorite Zen Habits post from 2018:

  1. How to Develop a Mind That Clings to Nothing
  2. It’s Not a Problem, It’s an Experience
  3. The Little Handbook for Getting Stuff Done
  4. A Practice For When You Find Yourself Annoyed by Other People
  5. A Case Against Optimizing Your Life
  6. The Magic of Seeing Everything as Sacred
  7. Give Up Comfort
  8. Paring Down Your Life
  9. Four Antidotes to Procrastination
  10. Grand Canyon Focus: The Practice of Full Devotion to a Single Task

My most popular tweet of 2018:

Formula for when you’re unmotivated: disconnection, rest, a good walk, & reflection about what you deeply care about.

– Leo Babauta (@zen_habits) March 25, 2018

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