Bonus Video Podcasts for The Essential Motivation Handbook

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A couple months ago I released The Essential Motivation Handbook, along with co-author Eric Hamm of Motivate Thyself, and the response from readers has been strongly positive.

But Eric and I wanted to do more — to add more value for those who bought the ebook. So today we’re happy to announce we’re sending out three bonus podcast videos to everyone who bought the ebook, and the videos will be available to anyone who buys it from now on.

Bonus videos
We’ve created three bonus podcast videos addressing reader questions on motivation, as a thank-you for those who buy the ebook.

In these videos, Eric and I both answer some of the most common motivation questions, including:

We’re sure you’ll find them useful, as they add a lot of value to what we’ve put in the ebook already.

New site
We’ve put up a new site for the ebook with more info: The Motivation Handbook. It has an interview by Daniel Richard with Eric and me about the ebook, along with lots of other info on the ebook and how to sign up as an affiliate.

I’d like to thank Daniel for the initial setup of the site, as well as Eric for revamping it with his Frugal Theme. We hope you find it useful!

I thought I’d share some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), from the site:

Q: Why do I need this many articles on motivation?

A: We all need motivation sometimes. If you’re having motivation problems, this ebook will tackle the issues you’re facing from many different angles.

What makes this ebook really valuable, though, is that it’s more of a reference than a step-by-step instruction guide. We encourage you to read it in bits, opening it and reading an appropriate article whenever you are in need of motivation. As such, there will be times when we repeat ourselves in the book, but that’s OK — you’ll need the same motivational advice at different times. Don’t read it from cover to cover — pick it up at the times when your motivation flags. We’ll be there to help.

Q: What does this ebook add that your sites don’t already have?

A: A more important question is: what’s your time worth? Because honestly, you can get all this information from our blogs, if you are willing to spend the time to dig through hundreds or thousands of articles to find what you’re looking for. If your time is valuable, however, we’ve saved you all that time — we’ve hand-picked the best motivational articles we’ve ever written, and put it in a nice, readable package you can read anywhere, whether you’re online or not.

So if you’re more interested in free, you can get the info without cost on our sites. However, if you don’t have the time to dig through all those old posts, we’ve done it for you. This way you’ll have motivational posts at your fingertips, right when you need it. We think your time is valuable, and we hope you do too.

Q: What format is the ebook in? Does it have DRM or other restrictions?

A: This ebook is in DRM-free PDF format, which means once you buy and download it, you can read it on any device that can read PDFs, email it to yourself, without restrictions. We don’t have plans at this time to offer it in other formats, but you’re free to convert it from PDF to anything you like.

Q: Can I use part of the ebook on my website?

A: Yes! This book is Uncopyrighted, which means we give you permission to reprint parts of the ebook in whatever format you like, whether it’s on your blog, in your book or ebook, in a magazine or newsletter, in a classroom or business. Please do share our content, and if you can give us credit, we’d be most appreciative.

We do appreciate it even more if you pay for a copy of the ebook first, of course.

Buy The Essential Motivation Handbook.

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