How to find opportunity

Post written by Leo Babauta.

When we are faced with a crisis or struggle we often despair.

But it’s in this struggle that the best opportunities emerge. If we’re keeping our eyes open.

A crisis is an opportunity to change grow learn reflect and become better. It’s where we discover who we are and how we can find a new way we couldn’t have imagined before the crisis presented itself. It allows us to practice patience and acceptance and find renewed hope — which is the most beautiful thing.

When I’ve lost my job it was an opportunity for reinvention and to strike out on my own.

When I’ve lost a family member to the unrelenting grip of death it was an opportunity to reflect on that loved one’s wonderful life and for our family to come together in a way never possible before.

When I failed at work I learned to improve and grow better.

When I injured myself I learned patience and new ways to be healthy.

When my children throw tantrums they are teaching me more patience and the power of raw emotions and the wonder of childhood and what happens when you lose perspective.

When my wife and I had arguments it was an opportunity to learn more about each other and grow closer and become better at finding common ground.

When I moved and missed my family on Guam terribly it was an opportunity to learn introspection and self-sufficiency and grow closer to family here in the States.

When I daily face the terror of the void staring at me face to face it is my chance to push back and assert my will and imprint my soul upon this malleable world.

And that my friends is beauty. It is the finding of renewed hope and growth when all else seems bleak and lost.

In the struggle is the possible if we dare to look.