Simplifying Our Mental View

By Leo Babauta

I’ve found that nearly all of us make things harder and more complicated, by adding a mental layer of difficulty.

We make simple things complicated:

There is nothing wrong with doing all of this – it’s human. This is how our minds work.

However … if we bring awareness to our added mental layer, we can simplify it by letting go of that extra layer

It’s about doing things as simply as possible.

For example:

I know it’s not as simple as that, because letting go of the mental layers isn’t always easy. But the point is that it could be simple. It could be much easier, if we could let go of those layers.

So then the practice is to repeatedly let go of the layers. Do things as simply as possible, not worrying about all the usual thoughts about “shoulds” and “too much” and “it shouldn’t be this way.” Removing these extra mental layers, we can simplify our lives greatly.