Looking for Love

By Leo Babauta

A reader asked for advice for people who are looking for love, trying to meet people, dating.

The “looking for love” part of life is definitely trying, and I have to admit I’m no dating expert. I got lucky with Eva, finding her relatively easily and somehow convincing her that I’m dateworthy. It must be my striking good looks.

Though I don’t have a lot of dating advice, there is something I’ve learned from experience: prepare yourself first.

Here’s the thing: you can put yourself out there, but you don’t know if you’ll find anyone soon, or who that will be. It’s unknowable, and uncontrollable, and uncertain. Those are difficult things, and if you have some ideal of a handsome prince or swoon-worthy princess coming along and falling into your lap, you’ll not only be greatly disappointed, you’ll be unprepared for when a good one does come your way.

So be prepared.

What does that mean? Here’s what I’d suggest:

If you do most of the things on this list (you don’t have to do everything), you’ll be pretty prepared for when love knocks you over and flattens you.