Top 10 Most Hilarious YouTube Videos

By Leo Babauta

I’m sharing this in hopes of putting a little smile on your face today. So in that spirit, here’s a list of my favorite funny videos on YouTube.

Please note that these are all in the spirit of fun. There are a couple that might be a little offensive to some, but I hope you won’t take offense. If we can’t laugh, we’re doomed! :)

Top 10 Funniest YouTube Videos (not in order)

1. Great First Dance at a Wedding. I suggested to my wife that we do a dance like this at our upcoming church wedding (we were only married civilly). She just looked at me like I was crazy.

2. Dad at Comedy Barn. The comedian in this clip isn’t that funny, and for the first couple minutes of this video, you’ll wonder why the three audience members called up on stage are all laughing. It’s only when the microphone is put in front of the laughing man in the middle that you understand why this video is so funny. It gets old after a minute or two of hilarity, though.

3. Jesus – I Will Survive. OK, again, please don’t take offense with this one. It’s just silly and fun.

4. Grimace. Maybe not hilarious, but man, I wish I could do this!

5. Crazy Frog Brothers. These boys can’t dance, but what’s funny is how committed they are to this video. The tall one in the back is a comic genius.

6. Chinese Backstreet Boys. The Two Chinese Boys are my all-time favorites. They’ve got a few other excellent ones too, including this incredible one of a Chinese song. The guy on the left is a genius. Notice the friends in the background, playing on the computer, completely oblivious to the act behind them.

7. Crazy Japanese Game Show. The Japanese have insane game shows. This one is filmed with a group of guys in a public library … the rules are simple … they draw cards, and the one who draws the card with an “X” on it gets a crazy and humiliating penalty. The one with the old man near the end is the best.

8. Hahahaha. I don’t know about you, but this kid cracks me up.

9. Urban Ninja. Not so much hilarious as just funny to think of a guy running through a city doing these things. He’s pretty awesome.

10. Evolution of Dance. This guy is cool. Brought back some memories.